Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PoolBoy Magazine Update!

Hey everyone! We thought we'd just give a quick update on what's going on with magazine and our future events.

- We are currently finalizing the first issue's content, our authors are getting their work in and we're going over some final edits and such. We are super excited about this first issue and it is shaping up really well!

- Lady of Leisure is heading to the east coast for the last two weeks of August to take some hot naked dude pics! East coast peen, what what! If you know anyone in Boston or NYC that wants to be in PoolBoy, email us at!!!!

- PoolBoy is planning some new fundraising events including a big ole' pool party downtown and a special PoolBoy DJ set at our favorite dive bar - we'll keep you updated on the deets once we have more info to share

- We've taken hot photos of some really really hot dudes and we have more to cum! As mentioned above, our resident Lady of Leisure is headed East to take more peen shots and this coming weekend we've got a scheduled sesh with another hot dude! We can never get enough! Keep em' coming!!

- We've added 2 new contributors to the PoolBoy Blog: Octavia Largebottom and Doris Miller! We love this blog, keep at it.

And finally, we'll never leave you high and dry at PoolBoy, so here's some teaser shots from our first issue:

Wet yet?

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