Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Aren't The Networks Picking Up Any Pilots Created By Women?

(Amy Sherman-Pallidino, creator of The Gilmore Girls, with star Lauren Graham)

Jezebel asks, "Why Aren't the Networks Picking Up Any Pilots Created By Women?" And it's a good question, though it does explain a few things (like Big Love).

Apparently, "3 out of 33 comedy scripts that went to pilot were written by women. That is 9%," while only "6 out of 36 drama scripts went to pilot were written by women. That is 16%." In case you're bad at math, those numbers aren't pretty.

So what's the deal? Are we still dealing with a boys club in Hollywood? How else do you explain this ridiculousness (from

NBC had no comedies written by women and Fox had no dramas written by women
HBO had one female written pilot in two years. FX nothing. Lifetime nothing. USA nothing.

To quote Jezebel's hortense,"LIFETIME! Television for motherfucking women! In the words of Angelina from Jersey Shore: "Um, hello?!?"

Um, hello!?!? indeed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The CBS Super Anti-Choice Bowl

Have you all been hearing about this?
That powerful television network CBS is hosting the Super Bowl this year.

We all know that it's fun to watch the multi-million dollar ads during the super bowl show. And CBS's long held policy is that they won't air ads that take sides on controversial issues like gun control, gay marriage etc. In fact, in the past, CBS has turned down advocacy ads it deemed controversial, including ads from and the progressive United Church of Christ.

Apparently attacks on women's rights is not a controversial issue and the network has accepted several million dollars (CBS charges 2.5-2.8 million for a 30second spot) from Focus on the Family (aptly named because women have never focused on their families) to air an anti-choice ad during this years Super Bowl.

CBS has cleared the way to subject nearly 100 million people to Focus on the Family’s extreme agenda by agreeing to air its new anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl. This ad reportedly promotes the decision of one woman to go against her doctor's advice to terminate an at-risk pregnancy, as the right decision that all women should make.

Focus on the Family has an unmistakable anti-choice, anti-birth-control, anti-sex-education, and anti-gay rights agenda. If that wasn’t bad enough, its views on women are just plain insulting and dangerous. For example, its web site urges women facing an unintended pregnancy to seek "wise advice” (presumably from them) because “the hormones and extreme emotions of pregnancy make reasonable decisions more difficult.”
Apparently you have the right to choose but only if it agrees with their agenda.

Hey you crazy dumb bitches, you're all nutso cuz you're preggers right? You can't make your own decisions! Don't eat that! You should be locked away in your house during your pregnancy! Let an extremist religious organization make the decisions for you!! We kill doctors! :D

Orphans not abortions!! amiright?!?

Super Bowl ads are already filled with a bunch of sexist commercials that completely ignore 50% of their customers/sports fans, reducing women to naggy girlfriends or T&A Beer holders, and now we have to watch an ad that tells us we're dumb and shouldn't be able to decide what we want for ourselves?

Do we really need anti-choice propaganda (or any politics) pushed in our faces during a football game? What happened to just watching a bunch of men run around on a big field in tights and jump on each other?

Here's where you can tell CBS to eat it:
Naral Petition to urge CBS to not run the ad or except money from hate groups

The Women's Media Center's Not Under The Bus Petition

NOW has an email form you can send to CBS

Women are vastly under-represented in high-level decision making roles at the television networks (and pretty much all media outlets). Despite this disadvantage, NBC managed to make the right decision last year, refusing to run an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl. Anti-choice forces are on the offensive. They don't want to help women make informed decisions -- they want to, in the words of Focus on the Family, make abortion "both illegal and unthinkable." We must stand up to their campaign to deny women their fundamental rights.

For re-tweeting:
Tweet: RT @womensmediacntr Tell @CBS and @NFL to scrap Focus on the Family's anti-choice #superbowl ad! #underthebus

Please spread the word!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vice knows what's up!

Vice magazine knows some good bone: Work hard, Play hard

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Very Bad Porn There really are no words. Except for these words (borrowed from


So this guy is walking down the street, and out of NOWHERE he sees these two girls and they are so hot, both of them are incredibly hot. They just walk over to him and are like: “want to have sex in the park with us with condoms?” He’s like “YEAH!” because it’s going to be awesome because it’s sex with two girls at once, but he’s using protection so it’s pretty safe to have casual sex. Although he had heard that a condom is not 100% preventitive, it’s pretty close, and he really wants to have sex with these two random girls because it’s a threesome and also it’s totally random. They both look pretty clean too, although he totally knows from ads and stuff that you can’t tell just by looking at someone, but everyone makes that initial judgment. So they go behind a park building and start having sex, and they are loving it. They’re all having sex with each other in all the different combinations possible, and then a park ranger is like “Hey get out of here!” And they say “want to join the party” actually the girls say that, and he says “No! I’m a Park Ranger, I’m on duty, and my responsibility is to make sure these parks are appropriate for people to enjoy on this Sunday afternoon and every day that I work here.” So they get dressed real quick and then all go to work. He promises not to run over and over in his mind if those girls were slutty, and if they may have STDs, because he can’t tell, and it’s too late now, he already made the decision to have sex with them, so it doesn’t do anything to just keep running it over and over in his mind. He shouldn’t have had casual sex in the first place, he knows that, but it was one of his fantasies and who knows if he’ll ever have another chance to do it again? It’s hard with stuff like that.


Panties wet yet? And the pictures are just as good.

Someone buy me this verybadporn shirt.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is the week over yet?

It's only Tuesday and we're praying for Friday. This is how I'm wasting away my week:

It's a simple erotica site, full of every fantasy you could wrap your brain around.

I'd mention more, but it's a little difficult typing with one hand.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Three Feminist Leaders Killed in Haitain Earthquake

More sad news coming out of Haiti:

CNN reports that Haitian leaders Myriam Merlet, Magalie Marcelin and Anne Marie Coriolan were among the over 100,000 killed in the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti this month.

If you haven't already, please dontate what you can to relief organizations, especially organizations that provide relief for women and children.  Women and girls suffer the most in crisis situations because of social inequity.

Here are some organizations to donate to:
Diaspora - A U.S. Haitian Refugee Organization
Doctors Without Borders
Partners in Health
Save the Children

CNN) -- One returned to her Haitian roots, to give voice to women, honor their stories and shape their futures. Another urged women to pack a courtroom in Haiti, where she succeeded in getting a guilty verdict against a man who battered his wife. A third joined the others and helped change the law to make rape, long a political weapon in Haiti, a punishable crime.

Myriam Merlet, Magalie Marcelin and Anne Marie Coriolan, founders of three of the country's most important advocacy organizations working on behalf of women and girls, are confirmed dead -- victims of last week's 7.0 earthquake.

And their deaths have left members of the women's movement, Haitian and otherwise, reeling.

"Words are missing for me. I lost a large chunk of my personal, political and social life," Carolle Charles wrote in an e-mail to colleagues. The Haitian-born sociology professor at Baruch College in New York is chair of Dwa Fanm (meaning "Women's Rights" in Creole), a Brooklyn-based advocacy group. These women "were my friends, my colleagues and my associates. I cannot envision going to Haiti without seeing them."

Myriam Merlet was until recently the chief of staff of ...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Hey Ladies and Pool Boys!!

It's finally Friday! While all you beautiful folk should be laid out on the lawn chugging margaritas and our specialty dirty mojitos and praying for summer, we're hunkered down in the pool house working on the final stages of bringing you our first issue!

here's a little bit of something to keep you dancing today:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Nipples Severely Under-Clamped


THE ONION—A new study released this week by the U.S. Bureau of Masochism has concluded that American nipples are critically under-clamped, bolstering long-held suspicions that the nation is rapidly losing interest in the thin, delectable line between pleasure and pain.

According to the study, which surveyed a wide swath of citizens who have been very, very bad, 78 percent of all U.S. nipples are not being pinched, tweaked, or otherwise constricted in a severe enough manner. In addition, the study found that nearly 90 percent of all Americans are not currently down on their hands and knees, begging for more.

"The vast majority of U.S. citizens are just not receiving the physical punishment they deserve," said Masochism Bureau director Geoff Knowlton, who was permitted by his mistress, Alexandria, to meet with reporters despite being unfit for anything but groveling at her boot heels. "Unless something is done—whether with a riding crop, a stiff wooden paddle, or a series of humiliating commands to bark like a dog—this problem will only get worse."

"We are sniveling, spineless

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Politicians I would Bang

This is a little bittersweet since ole boner jam Scott Brown has actually won Kennedy's Senate seat since I first wrote this post but whatevs. Republican...well, now Senator I guess....Scott Brown is one politician I would have banged back when he posed in this Cosmo nude spread.

Hells to the yeah! That's one Republican caucus I'd like to get my hands on.

Not to get deep after showing such fap material, but if Scott Brown was a woman running for a US Senate seat and this material surfaced, do ya think she'd have anywhere near as good a chance of winning as this dude does/did? I think not.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Shave or Not to Shave

Apparently Mo'Nique blew everyone's minds at the Golden Globes the other night because she *gasp* DID NOT SHAVE HER LEGS. A woman having hairy legs is so crazy in this day and age that the New York Daily News wrote an article about it. Actually, there is some awesome stuff in the article, like how the headline asks if Mo'Nique is the "least superficial actress ever?" (although they make that sound like a bad thing).

I give total props to Mo'Nique for not being ashamed (she pulled up her long skirt on the runway to show off her au natural yams!) and for publicaly speaking out for natural body hair (on The View in 2006). However, I could have done without this comment:

"I really think hair on a woman's legs is a black woman's thing," she later added, after pointing out that she does shave under her arms to avoid "stink."

First, no way, hairy armpits on ladies are hot and do not stink unless you just got done running a marathon or something and then I'd argue that even hairless armpits would stink. Second, body hair is a human issue, I don't care if you're white, black, a tranny, or a Yankees fan.

Shall we discuss why American culture is so obsessed with women being hairless? I've heard before that women of the night shaved their armpits, legs, and public hair back when the west was still wild to prove to clients that they didn't have lice or crabs. I've also heard that getting women to shave was all a big marketing blight so that companies that sold hair removal products could make more money. So what is better, that a common cultural, sexist (why don't dudes shave their armpits if it's so unsanitary to let that shit grow?) practice originated from whores or that American women were duped by companies who wanted their dollars at the expense of their self esteem (people are still horrified when they see hairy pits, trust me. That can wreck havoc on a lady's sense of self worth if you let it.)? I'd say both those reasons are pretty lame. Shave if you want to or don't, it doesn't really matter. But let's stop the hating on ladies that chose to let it grow, shall we?

Oh, and I like how the Mo'Nique articles ends on such a catty, backhanded compliment:

"Love it or hate it, she's one actress you can't say is overly obsessed with her appearance."

Obviously hairy women is something the US is still trying to get a grip on. I, for one, say bravo to all the ladies out there that choose not to shave AND to show it off. Bravo, Mo'Nique, keep raising up that skirt! Oh, and congrats on that Golden Globe too!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Bangable

So I've just started watching that tv show Heroes (i know, what year is it?! 2004?!) and last night, as i leisurely lounged in front of the tv, my sister asked me which super power I would want out of all the super powers on the show.  This question got me thinking about super hot super hereos and which ones were bangable and which ones I would rather not see in tights.  I tend to always move important philosophical discussions towards the topic of sex, it's my super power.

Here's my list of Movie/TV Versions of Super Heroes That I would Totally Bang:


Definitely Michael Keaton (back in the day yo), definitely Christian Bale, probably George Clooney (a classic move) and maybe if I've had a few glasses of wine, Val Kilmer.
But most definitely Bruce Wayne.


Australians and sideburns have never been this sexy together.


RIP to the motherfucking classic.

Iron Man

Yes Robert Downey, Jr.  I will totally bang you.

Knight Rider

Would I bang back-in-the-day David Hasselhoff?
Sie wetteten doucheland!

The Human Torch

I don't know your name, generic good looking actor, but I'd hit it.


you bet your fucking ass

And here's a list of Movie/TV Versions of Super Heroes I Would Totally Give A Fake Number To:

Two words: Tobey Maguire
or one word: spiders
or this word: gross


I bet the sex is just awful.

Captain Nice

You mean Captain Nice Cameltoe

Who are your super bangable super heroes?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Porn for the New World Order

2010 is going on!

and of course our first post of the new year is about porn!

Check out this Canadian-based female oriented porn company run by porn star extraordinaire Candida Royalle

Femme Productions  carries a good amount of videos including Royalle's own videos (Stud Hunters anyone?) as well as Afrodite Superstar, a porn directed by Venus Hottentot and featuring black and Latina actresses, which is nice to see in the cataglog amidst all the white porn.

Extra points for being able to order and watch the movies online!