Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Bangable

So I've just started watching that tv show Heroes (i know, what year is it?! 2004?!) and last night, as i leisurely lounged in front of the tv, my sister asked me which super power I would want out of all the super powers on the show.  This question got me thinking about super hot super hereos and which ones were bangable and which ones I would rather not see in tights.  I tend to always move important philosophical discussions towards the topic of sex, it's my super power.

Here's my list of Movie/TV Versions of Super Heroes That I would Totally Bang:


Definitely Michael Keaton (back in the day yo), definitely Christian Bale, probably George Clooney (a classic move) and maybe if I've had a few glasses of wine, Val Kilmer.
But most definitely Bruce Wayne.


Australians and sideburns have never been this sexy together.


RIP to the motherfucking classic.

Iron Man

Yes Robert Downey, Jr.  I will totally bang you.

Knight Rider

Would I bang back-in-the-day David Hasselhoff?
Sie wetteten doucheland!

The Human Torch

I don't know your name, generic good looking actor, but I'd hit it.


you bet your fucking ass

And here's a list of Movie/TV Versions of Super Heroes I Would Totally Give A Fake Number To:

Two words: Tobey Maguire
or one word: spiders
or this word: gross


I bet the sex is just awful.

Captain Nice

You mean Captain Nice Cameltoe

Who are your super bangable super heroes?

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  1. this is the funniest blog post I have ever read.